UNIMIG Razorweld 250 MTS

$1,875 inc. GST

3 years Warranty

30kg Net Weight

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Product Details
Description and specifications

The Razorweld 250 is the ideal machine for light to medium industrial fabrication work . The machine is single phase 240V and also portable and perfect for site work. The MIG function provides superb arc characteristics when using either Gas Shielded or Gasless Wires. The machine features an adjustable Burnback control and easy to use panel layout to get your job done faster.

The machine is also a very capable MMA (Stick) welder capable of running most MMA Electrodes up to 4.0mm. An added feature of Hot Start helps when striking an Arc to minimise the Electrode sticking to the work piece.

With the machine being Spool Gun ready a UNIMIG Spool Gun is available if you want to run Aluminium wire without the changeover in the torch, liner and drive roller. The Spool Gun is an ideal way to use softer wires and not have to purchase larger spools of wire for small jobs.

The Razorweld 250 is also a DC TIG welder with Lift Arc function. DC TIG will allow welding of materials such as Mild and Stainless Steels as well as Bronze, Copper and Chrome Moly’s.

*Always refer to the recommended polarity setup as stated on the electrode packaging.

Part NumberKUMJRRW250
Primary Input Voltage240V 1 Phase
Rated Input Power KVA11.0 KVA
ieff AMP28.0A MIG
Rated Output MIG30A/15.5V - 250A/26.5V
Rated Output TIG15A/10.6V - 250A/20.0V
Rated Output MMA15A/20.6V - 250A/30.0V
Welding Current Range15 - 250 Amps
Duty Cycle 40 Deg C - MIG / TIG/ MMA30% @ 250 Amps
Dimensions (mm)628 x 267 x 453
Weight (Kgs)30

Package Contents


The UNIMIG Razorweld 250 MIG/TIG/MMA is packaged ready to weld and includes,
•1 x Razor MIG 250 Power Source
•1 x 4 metre SB24 MIG Torch
•1 x 4 metre Arc Welding lead set including twist lock electrode holder & 300 Amp earth clamp
•1 x UNIMIG Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
•1 x 2 metre Gas Hose with connections
•1 x Instruction Manual


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